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Fortunately, we are a game-changing studio and workout experience available in the GTA and world-wide.  A company that takes your workouts and yoga practice out of the  studio and into the woods to a competitive boot camp to tap into your inner athlete, or to a passion inspired dance session.  These evolving fitness experiences are completely reinventing what it means to "go to the gym." Our unique approach includes nutrition, martial arts, entertainment, massage and a music experience to make you live the fun and creative way to be healthy.  Our team of professionals will keep your heart beating in the right direction, sporting a smile on your face during your butt- kicking martial arts class, or one of our signature classes.  We will have you stepping up your fitness swag with our online boutique that helps maintain you looking and feeling great while you show off your results in style.  Strengthen your life by making your health a core priority, with our integrated system working for you, while we take care of your body and your mind.  Sign up for your membership and welcome to your "Powered by Health" lifestyle.


Our Story

Every lifestyle has a beginning, and this is where you start yours. People want to know what opportunity substantiated our vision, or how passion led to the creation of something new and inspiring for everyone that wants to put their life together with convenience and enjoyment... Working with athletes, people with limitations, those who want to lose weight, gain muscle, gain energy and health, in a safe and inspiring environment.  This is the establishment I was looking for!  Welcome home to Yoga & Lifestyle.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet Silvana

"People make the world go 'round, so why not bring the world to the  people. Changing lives all over the world is the most rewarding achievement and the people are the trophies of making the difference. It's a human thing."


Silvana Talevska



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